GODERDZI PETRIFIED FLORA is in the vicinity of Gorerdzi mountain pass (2025 meters above the sea level). It is located in the southwestern part of Georgia, on the mountain range of Arsiani meridian direction. Geological history of the range relates to underwater volcano activity thanks to which it is arranged in volcanic rocks known under the name of Goderdzi Waters. In its eastern part were discovered Tertiary period fragments of petrified flora that is a world-important unique natural attraction. Petrified flora originated several million years ago as a result of volcano activity. Volcanic ashes and lava covered powerful tropical forest where tens of species of plants were represented. The fate of tropical forest is compared with that of Pompeii. Remnants of under-Tertiary period plants (palm, magnolia, laurel, birch, hornbeam, beech-likes and other) are represented here in the form of petrified and half-petrified trees and traces of leaves.

Goderdzi petrified flora turned out to be the best specimen of paleo-geography and evolution of plants. With its help it was established that in that era, on the territory of the Caucasus, climate and vegetation that were typical for the humid tropical belt, dominated in the area. There were both ever-green and leafy species, underbushes and lianas, plural filices and plural herbs scattered in the forests. Nowadays such forests are dispersed in Japan, Australia and South America.

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