SVANETI is a high-mountain historical and geographic province which is located in the northwestern part of the nation, on the southern slope of Kavkasioni mountains, in the catchment area of upper flow of rivers Inguri and Tskhenistskali.

The nature of Svaneti, its history and culture is inimitable due to which it is visited by many guests. The stunner of Svaneti is Central Kavkasioni with several gorgeous summits. THE SUMMIT TETNULDI is located on the Georgian-Russian border, at the source of river Inguri. Its height is 4 853 meters above the sea level. It is the source of several glaciers creating a unique scenery. In the Svan vernacular Tetne means ,white‘, and Uld is a hypocoristic suffix. The height of summit USHBA is 4 700 meters above the sea level. It splits into two parts. Northern part is 10 meters higher than the Southern part. Ushba is the-most difficult-toclimb summit in the Caucasus and Europe. From the point of difficulty to climb the mountain climbers have listed it in 100 most daunting summits in the world. In Svan vernacular, Ushba means Stormy tower‘ proving astounding character of its natural environment. A lot of narratives are related to it most of which tell about tragic relationship between Goddess Dali and a huntsman Betkili. Shkhara is the highest summit in Georgia. It is located on 5 201 meters above the sea level, on the highest portion of the Central Kavkasioni – the Wall of Bezenghi. Geographers and mountain climbers call it "Svaneti Alps". It is covered by glaciers and snow. In Svan vernacular, Shkhara means ‚White strip‘.

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