NATIONAL PARK OF TBILISI is located to the North from Tbilisi, on the slope of Saguramo-Ialno range, in the nearest vicinity of the historical and geographic provinces of Shida and Kvemo Kartli, Ertso-Tianeti and Kakheti. Its area is 243 sq. km. It was set up on the basis of a sanctuary of Saguramo which has existed since the mid-XX century.


NATIONAL PARK OF TBILISI National Park of Tbilisi belongs to the moderately humid subtropical climate type. Here 4 types of climate are shaped up instigated by forms of relief and exposition. As a result we find here low and average-high mountain landscapes with mixed hornbeam oak, pure oak and beech plants. Therefore, National Park of Tbilisi is a geographic knot which is an important segment of the emerging unified network of protected territories in the Caucasus.

Among the vegetation we have here up to 700 species including representatives of Colchis flora from the Tertiary period: Colchis holm oak (Ilex Colchica), Colchis and Pastukhov ivy (Hedera colchica, Hedera Pastuchowii), Caucasus rhododendron, etc. The wildlife of the National Park of Tbilisi has been under protection of the state for decades. There are several types of big mammals. However, special attention is paid to preservation of a noble Caucasus deer (Cervus elaphus).


The protected territory is located near the world-important ancient town of Mtskheta and the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. On its western border is located Jvari of Mtskheta – highly important Christian monument of the VI century Georgian architecture. There are also many unique archeological and cultural sights part of which are under protection of UNESCO.

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