ALGETI NATIONAL PARK is located to the south of Tbilisi, within 60 km distance, in the gorge of river Algeti, 1100-2000 meters above the sea level. It was founded with the status of a sanctuary in the mid-60-ies of the XX century. The main reason of the protected territory is to preserve eastern spruce and Caucasus fir-tree in the extreme eastern advanced post of their extension. In 2007 it was awarded the status of a national park.

The relief of Algeti national park is average mountainous and is distinctly parted. River Algeti with main seasonal inflows is represented in its backbone part. From geological point of view, the territory’s structure derives from volcanic flows added by the residue of rocks descending from Quaternary period. Climate is damp and warm characterized by interchange of dry and precipitous spans. The area of Algeti national park is 6,8 sq. km, most of it being covered with beech, spruce and oak trees. There are groves of fir-trees (Abies nordmanniana), pine trees, hornbeam, ash and birch

There are more than 1600 species of plants on the territory of the park, half of them being herbaceous and more than 1/10 are trees and bush plants. There are also more than 150 medicinal plants, the bulk of which is used both in pharmaceutical industry and by a local population. 3 species of plants are endemic to Georgia. National park is distinguished also for variety of wildlife. There are several species of predators, amphibians and reptiles, tens of species of birds, etc. From predator mammals stand out brown bear and wolf, pine marten and fox. There are also species included in the Red Book of Georgia among them we note Caucasian partridge and Eastern Imperial Eagle. There are many historical, cultural and archeological monuments in the Algeti national park and its environs. Most distinguished among them is a Bronze Age Cyclopean Fortress, monastery of the forth century, ancient churches, houses of worship, ruins of the ninth century Kldekari Fortress, chapels, tunnels, eleventh century Fortress Town of Birtvisi. Very near to the Park is Didgori Valley which was the witness of the most important battle in the history of Georgia.

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