BORJOMI GORGE is located in the central part of Georgia, between Trialeti and Likhi medium-size mountain plateaus, 140 km from Tbilisi. Here is the confluence point of historical and geographic provinces – Shida Kartli, Imereti, Tori and Meskheti.

Borjomi gorge accompanies river Mtkvari for 60 km. Within its confines are knees of Likhi, Ajara-Imereti and Trialeti plateaus with their relative height attaining 1,5 km. In the environs of the town of Borjomi the gorge has a canyon-like form which was created as a result of a ‘break in’ of Bakuriani lava slide. Borjomi gorge is represented in the nearest vicinity of eastern part of Akhaltsikhe cave and western part of Shida Kartli which are distinguished for continental climate (negative temperature in winter) in the Georgian plain between mountain ranges. From Likhi medium-sized mountains damp masses of Black sea winds easily ‘slide’ here that is the reason of 1,5-fold precipitation compared with the adjacent territories. The special recreational power of the gorge stems from micro-climate peculiarities and dark coniferous forests. Borjomi gorge has a unique beauty that is related to diversity of natural environment. Here within the distance of several kilometers spruce and fir groves switch to pine, mixed, leafy and alder groves, thorny bushes and steppe vegetation. There are many resorts in Borjomi gorge where holiday-makers spend vacations both in summer and in winter. Not far from the gorge is located world famous mountain and skiing resort of Bakuriani. Borjomi gorge is witness of numerous historical perturbations. There are human settlements there dating thousands of years, however, due to repeated invasions, in XVIII century it became deserted. Later on it was settled again that is related to the re-discovery of mineral waters. Nowadays the gorge is famous in the Caucasus and Europe for its mineral waters and spa resorts. Borjomi mineral water with its curing qualities is known in the world as the Queen of mineral waters. It is a hydrocarbon sodium water with very high salinity. From XIX century it became very popular after the Russian Emperor’s family built countryside residence palace here. Borjomi mineral water is used to treat chronic gastritis and enterocolitis, diseases of alimentary tract, diabetes, liver and metabolism.


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