JAVAKHETI VOLCANIC PLATEAU is located in Southern Georgia. It was created by lava slides which flew from slopes of meridiandirection Samsari plateau. There are many volcanic cones on this slope, among them distinguished by scale and beauty are Didi Abuli, Samsari and Tavkvetila. Didi Abuli is located on 3305 meters above the sea level, in the Southern part of Samsari slope. It was frozen in Quoternary period that is proved by moraines, cirques and small lakes. There is a different opinion on the volcanic action of Didi Abuli.

Some scientists think that it should have a status of active volcano. Such position relates to its name and popular sayings. Allegedly, smoke was puffing from the mountain and that is why local population mentioned it as ‘smoked’ mountain. In spite of this, until now Didi Abuli is deemed a dormant volcano since it is presumed that its last eruption happened only 10-12 thousand years ago. Samsari Volcanic Cone is located in the central part of the slope, 3285 meters above the sea level. Diameter of its crater attains 3 km on the bottom of which there are several small lakes. Tavkvetili is located on 2583 meters above the sea level, in the Northern part of Samsari slope. Its name descends from its shape, as volcanic cone is well portrayed. To the west from it is lake Tabatskuri of volcanic origin distinguished in Georgia for its volume of water.


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