BAKURIANI is a mountain ski resort which is located on the northern knees of Trialeti Plateau, in the gorge of river Bakurianistskali, 1700 meters above the sea level.

Hamlet of Bakuriani expands on the bottom of its namesake valley which has been shaped by volcanic rocks. It is distinguished among mountain resorts of Georgia for duration of sunlight attaining 2100 hours per year. Adjecent slopes of the valley are guised with mixed and dark coniferous forests that increase its resort and recreational aptness. In its vicinity there are three types of landscapes among which beech and dark coniferous forests and sub-Alpine meadows are worth to mention.

Bakuriani is outstanding focal point of mountain ski sport in Georgia which is related to favorable climate conditions. Winter here is long, cold and snowy. Average temperature in January is -70C and in July - +150C. Average annual volume of precipitation does not exceed 750 mm, but its basic part (1/3) goes for snow. Snow cover usually holds for 5 months that is distinguishing it from other ski resorts of Georgia. Average thikness of snow cover is 64 sm that is precondition for development of winter sports. There are several functioning ski tracks and technically equipped ski-jumps here. On the border of Bakuriani is located a botanical garden set up at the beginning of last century. There are some 1500 species of Alpine, moderate belt of mountain system, Kavkasioni and exotic plants. Bakuriani is located near Borjomi-Kharagauli and Javakheti protected territories. Passage to Javakheti is possible through Tskhratskaro mountain range (2454 m) wherefrom opens up a gorgeous panorama of Kavkasioni as well as a plain between mountains of Georgia and volcanic plateau.


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