SAMEBA CATHEDRAL was built on the edge of millenium under the auspices of Catholikos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II, and simbolically expresses liberation of Georgia on the verge of millenium and revival of the Christian faith. Tender on the design of the Cathedral was held in 1988. Construction started in 1995 according to the design of architect Archil Mindiashvili, and was finished in 2004.

The Sameba cathedral consists of 5 underground and 4 aboveground churches. Those are churches of Archangel, John the Baptist, St. Nino, St. George, St. Nicholas, 12 Prophets and All Saints. Sameba cathedral is the highest and largest church in Georgia.

Its space exceeds 5 thousand sq. meters. It is equipped with the state-of-theart communication, power, heating and conditioning systems. The height until the bottom of a cross is 86 meters, the height of a cross is 7,5 meters. Underground part of the Cathedral consists of two levels and is 14 meters deep from earth surface.

The architecture of the Cathedral is a mixture of old Georgian religious architectural styles of cross and central dome. Holy Sameba Cathedral is triptych implanted within the cross with a dome buttressed by eight pillars.

It is possible to enter the Cathedral from three sides SAMEBA (TRINITY) – portals are arranged in three (western, southern and northern) arms. Among them the main gateway is in the western arm which has a wide gallery attached from the outside. Bell tower of Sameba cathedral is a three-level building. Its length is 20 meters, width – 8 meters, height – 29.5 meters.

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