TSKHALTUBO is a spa well-known in the world which is located in Western Georgia, on 100-120 meters above the sea level. It is operated during the whole year.

The spa is in 250 kilometers from Tbilisi and in 7 km from Kutaisi. The natural environment of the spa is noted with impressive landscapes. Within its boundaries there are forest and kastral landscapes of Colchis valley, low and medium-size mountains. The climate is moist subtropical. Average temperature in January is +5,20C, and in July - +230C. Average annual precipitation is 1700-1800 mm which is increased in the surrounding mountains. Such kind of moisture duly supplies underground thermal waters a day-and-night debit of which attains 20 million litres.

Curative qualities of Tskhaltubo thermal waters have been known for centuries, however as a spa it started operation from 1926. Mineralization of waters here is 0,7-0,8 mg/l and temperature is +33+350C. They are used for baths, inhalations and sprays. Thermal waters are very effective treatment for rheumatism, bones, nerves, cardio-vascular system, skin and gynecological diseases. Not far from the spa is Tskhaltubo cave which by its scope is one of the most remarkable in Europe.

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